Self-care & The Resistance

My Facebook feed has been alive with sound and fury. Righteous anger. Action. It’s been a salve to see so many friends and family members fired up and ready to go. But, my friends, The Resistance needs to persist. And that means that we will need to keep up our energy for the long haul. I want my young son and daughter to reflect back on this time and know that (a) I stood up for the values of equality and justice and (b) that I was a fully present, connected mother. The Resistance is going to need self-care if it will be sustained. Here are some tips:

  1. Get connected with actual live human beings. The internet is amazing. I love it. It can also be oppressive, especially with all of the dark news coming at us every day. Meeting an old friend for coffee or a drink may sound easy, but for those of us with kids, spouses, jobs, etc. it can be really easy to let it slip. Don’t. Make it a priority. It will give you the psychic energy that you need. Being connected to other people is super important.
  2. Get moving. Running, yoga, cross-fit…whatever your jam is. We all know that exercise relieves stress and boosts mood. Now more than ever…
  3. Meditate. It’s a theme on this blog. I really dig the Calm app myself, but there’s lots of easy ways to get started, including just sitting down and breathing for 2 minutes.
  4. Read fiction. A study from a couple of years ago in Scientific American found that reading novels can help you to develop emphathy. Screaming at the other side isn’t going to work. We will need to find common ground in order to be successful and that’s going to take empathy. Plus, reading is super fun.
  5. Get perspective. Read some of the history of other resistance movements to understand how they were sustained over long periods. I recently ordered John Lewis’s March trilogy, which is wonderful and inspiring. Peaceful non-violence was at the heart of the civil rights movement. There is a lot to learn from how the leaders of that movement conducted themselves.
  6. Learn how to resist effectively. There’s a difference between slacktivism and activism. Learn the distinction and get out there. Indivisible has a lot of interesting resources for learning how our government works and how to make your voice heard.

How are you practicing self-care during this period of upheaval?