Striving for Mindfulness

Hi new friends. I am starting this blog because I want to create a community of people who are, amidst their busy lives, purposefully slowing down to notice all the wonder, joy, laughter, and pain. I want to be really present to my own life. I want to take it all in. I have young children, a demanding job, a wonderful husband. I’m BUSY. For a long time, being busy felt like an identity in and of itself. I’ve always been ambitious. I’ve learned that achieving and accomplishing and doing is both very much who I am and also my greatest challenge. So, now I’m trying to slow it down. Meditating. Running. Breathing. Eating more slowing. Reexamining my beliefs about myself, the world, spirituality. Developing my habits of gratitude, generosity, and mindfulness. I know I’m not alone. Come along the journey with me…we can learn from each other, one breath at a time.