Five Resolutions for a Restorative Weekend

It’s been a crazy week. Business travel, events, house issues. TGIF! Here are my five resolutions for a restorative weekend:

  1. I will not check my phone out of habit even though I know full well that nothing has transpired since the last time I checked like 2 minutes ago.
  2. I will spend some quiet time alone.
  3. I will take time alone with each of my children to do something of their choosing.
  4. I will be kind to my husband and not wake him up early just because I want company.
  5. I will take at least one thing off my weekend task list.

How will you ensure a restful weekend?

2 thoughts on “Five Resolutions for a Restorative Weekend

  1. Adopting this list for myself this weekend. Especially the part about doing something with each child of their own choosing – not just dragging one of them to the grocery store (unless that’s what they want!)

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