Everything the internet has to say about IT band syndrome

I signed up to run the NYC Marathon in 2016 with Team UNICEF. After a few successful half-marathons, I was pumped to run my very first full marathon. I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon in the spring and began training with plenty of lead time. I got up to a 16-mile long run and then something went way wrong… the dreaded IT Band syndrome. I would run about a mile or two and get this awful tightness that stopped me in my tracks. I desperately tried everything I could think of…supplements, massage, foam rolling, chiropractic, stretching, rest, ice. Finally, I went to see an orthopedist who confirmed the IT band issue and sent me to PT. As the time elapsed, it became clear that the marathon was not happening for 2016. ARGH. Well, here I am a few months later and starting to prepare for the 2017 Marathon. I still get some mild IT band pain but I’m much more proactive this time around. We shall see. In the course of all of this, I’ve read A LOT on the internet. If you are a fellow runner struggling with IT band syndrome, here’s my list of the best resources I’ve found online to help you in your journey:

Explanation of ITBS

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Rehab and Prevention Exercises

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Happy Foam Rolling!